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Website Designing
Our skilled professional can provide you with custom design websites and online marketing services to get you out in front of your competitors. Countake Technologies can take away your website and online marketing stresses by providing an optimised website that will give you and attractive virtual marketplace that customers will be drawn to, time and time again.
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Mobile Applications
Over 50% of your website visits are from a mobile device. Ensure your business is mobile ready with your own app. In a world where literally EVERYONE has a smartphone, having an app is essential for your business if you want to attract more customers, provide a positive online presence and improve your brand perception.
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Custom Software Development
At Countake Technologies, we develop refined business processes and other organisational software systems, with features and functionality tailored according to your remarkable business needs. We begin by listening to your issues, followed by drafting specifications, and ultimately build on these elements according to your requirements.
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Server Monitoring
System monitoring and administration are key aspects to the successful operations of most business.Monitoring the performance and availability of critical servers is an essential task for IT admins and MSPs. For businesses with lot of branch offices such as large retail chains, monitoring internal work flows is crucial to avoid server bottlenecks and to ensure maximum efficiency. These tasks can be simplified with the server monitoring service from Our team.
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Server Management
The main goal of server management is uptime. The Server Management varies depending on the size of the server and it’s purpose! So you can contact our sales department for any queries you may have. A few competence are listed below which are most asked for!
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Billing and Sales Services
We provide high-quality billing support for customers who have questions or concerns regarding billing. It is our desire to provide our customers with peace of mind and we are therefore available and prepared to handle any queries that come to us through our live chat help desk.
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